Mar - 23 2015

If you’re looking for an easy way to start a fire with a ferro rod, perhaps the easiest is by using a char cloth. Char cloth can be bought online and is relatively inexpensive, but you can also easily make it yourself. Why not get some practice at it? It’s not hard but it does […]

Aug - 17 2014

One of your concerns and reasons to prep could be due to the threat of the power grid going out, whether by way of a nuclear device taking out the grid or even a solar flare. One easy thing you can do to protect some important devices, like a hearing aid, gps device, maybe some […]

Dec - 28 2013

There’s really 2 schools of thought when it comes to survival food prepping. One school of thought is to stock up on food and water in your own home or survival shelter, perhaps in a different location than your home. The other school of thought is that you may need to be on the go, […]

Dec - 25 2013

Here’s my top 10 most important survival gear necessities. This is just my opinion and to be honest, I could easily switch a few of these around. Ultimately, I think everyone should have all top 10 things you should have in your survival kit…   10. Rope: There’s a ton of reasons to have rope, […]

Dec - 24 2013

I’d like to start off by thanking you for visiting and taking the time to browse around! If you’re at all interested in prepping, I believe you’ll find this blog interesting. I’ve been into this sort of thing for several years, and over that time, I’ve learned a lot from a lot of people. Some […]