EMP Protection – Faraday Cage

Aug - 17 2014 | By

One of your concerns and reasons to prep could be due to the threat of the power grid going out, whether by way of a nuclear device taking out the grid or even a solar flare. One easy thing you can do to protect some important devices, like a hearing aid, gps device, maybe some handheld radios, is build a faraday cage. A faraday cage is basically a shield from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). By doing a simple internet search, you can find anything from simple faraday cages to elaborate ones.

build a faraday cage with a galvanized trash can
A real simple one can be made from a galvanized garbage can. The trash can would need to have the inside lined with cardboard, then, for added protection, foam padding. Once this is complete, you can put your electrical devices in some anti static bags MIL-PRF-8170 is probably pound for pound the best anti static grade for the money, but you can easily wrap your electrical devices with aluminum foil and still have decent protection. Once all devices are inside the galvanized trash can, put the lid on it and with foil tape, seal the lid to the can.

So there you go, for probably 50 or so bucks, you can have your own EMP protected storage container for all your important electrical devices. Moreover, trash cans offer a decent amount of space, ensuring you can fit all your needed devices.

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