How to make Char Cloth

Mar - 23 2015 | By

If you’re looking for an easy way to start a fire with a ferro rod, perhaps the easiest is by using a char cloth. Char cloth can be bought online and is relatively inexpensive, but you can also easily make it yourself. Why not get some practice at it? It’s not hard but it does take good timing…

Things you’ll need:
A fire, specifically hot red coal/ashes
A tin can/lid (altoids can works great)
Cotton cloth (100% cotton tshirt)

First you’ll need a tin can, an altoids can works great. Puncture a hole in the top to release pressure. Loosely put pieces of your cotton cloth in your can and close the lid.

char cloth

Set your tin can in some hot ash/coal. In a few minutes you’ll see smoke burrowing out. Once the smoke clears, pull your tin can out (caution it will be hot). Let it cool for a few minutes and open to discover your char cloth. That’s really all it takes.

What’s truly impressive is how easy they light up. The smallest spark from your ferro rod will light them right up. Make a bunch and pack them up for safe keeping in your bug out bag. If you ever needed a fire and all you had was a small spark, you’d be happy you did!

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