Survival Food and Water Prepping

Dec - 28 2013 | By

There’s really 2 schools of thought when it comes to survival food prepping. One school of thought is to stock up on food and water in your own home or survival shelter, perhaps in a different location than your home. The other school of thought is that you may need to be on the go, so prepping for food and water “on the go” is the way to go… Both school of thoughts have valid points. In short, it really just depends!

If your home is your fortress (for many preppers it is) and the disaster or chaotic situation is far enough away to not immediately affect you, staying home or in your survival shelter would be optimal. However, if disaster struck your home, staying there may not be a real option. In that case, everything you stored up and paid good money for would likely be left behind. If you had to take off with just your bug out bag, would you and your family have what you need to survive? Things like water purification tablets are extremely important to have in your bag. As recently as Katrina, there was no drinkable water due to no one having a way to purify it. Despite having literally several feet of water throughout the area, there was no water to drink… Check out our top 10 things you need in your survival pack. If all you do is store gallons of water and buckets of food before the catastrophic event, then it happens and you need to leave asap, how many gallons of water and buckets of food can you feasibly carry? You want the right tools and gear to survive on the go in your survival gear pack. Having tools to get food, like hunting or trapping, and prep it for eating, is a must have in your bug out bag. On the other hand, if all you do is prepare for bugging out with no stock pile of food and water in your house or bunker, and an event happens where you’re stuck where you are, what happens to you and your family?

Perhaps being prepared for either scenario is the best course of action. Having a stock pile of food and water at home or in your survival bunker is an excellent idea and I would encourage you in continuing to stock pile. Preparing your bug out bag for a wide range of scenarios is also an excellent idea, because lets face it, we don’t know what the big event will be, or which one will come first. Whether it’s a super volcano eruption or the power grid goes down (or whatever you think is likely to happen) we need to be prepared! Focusing on surviving a particular catastrophic event or serious of events instead of preparing for a wide range of possibilities, could be detrimental. This is something I want you to avoid, so think about, plan and prepare on various events and scenarios. It could save you and your family’s life.

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