Top 10 Most Important Survival Gear

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Here’s my top 10 most important survival gear necessities. This is just my opinion and to be honest, I could easily switch a few of these around. Ultimately, I think everyone should have all top 10 things you should have in your survival kit

top 10 things you need in survival kit

10. Rope: There’s a ton of reasons to have rope, I like 550 para chord best due to it’s durability, strength, and size/weight (fairly small and light which is great when you have to lug it around). Tossing a roll of dental floss could also be helpful for various reasons, one example is you could set a snare trap.

9. Ammo: There’s little reason to carry a handgun, shotgun and/or rifle around if you don’t have any ammo for it. Ammo is heavy, so you won’t be able to carry a ton of it with you, which means use what you have wisely.

8. Gun: Whether it’s self defense or hunting, having a handgun, rifle, and/or shotgun is important. It’s nearly senseless to think you could survive a dangerous situation with no protection or hunt anything other than perhaps trapping a rodent without a gun. I personally have a .40 xdm and a rifle.

7. Fire Starter: You may want to pack away some matches & a striker in a water proof container. Having a lighter or two isn’t a bad option either and lastly, having a bar or two of magnesium and a flint stick is also a reliable option. Even a steel wool pad can light up when connected to the positive and negative of a battery. Steel wool can also be used for other applications, like cleaning off rust.

6. Hatchet: Small tasks using a hatchet can become hard tasks if you don’t have a hatchet. Grab one with some quality to it and comfortable for you. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a sharpener, working with a dull hatchet will wear you out quick.

5. Survival Knife: There’s a ton of reasons to have a good survival knife. Just make sure you have a good quality knife, a cheap one will give you headaches every time you use it.

4. Duct Tape: There are endless uses for duct tape. From repairs to holding things together to a million other uses, duct tape is a must have. If you haven’t already, throw a roll or two in your bag right now!

3. First Aid: In a world of the unknown, 1 thing remains… There’s bacteria & disease out there! Get a first aid kits with at least the essentials, disinfectant, rubbing alcohol, band-aids, bandages, gauze, and so on…

2. Water Purification: They make water purification tablets which makes bacteria ridden water drinkable. Clorox can also be used to easily purify water. After all, water is the essence of life.

1. Water/Water Storage: You need water, that’s obvious. But having a good water container that can last is also important. Make sure you have a canteen or some sort of water container, something that can be put in/near fire to boil water to purify it would be ideal!

Did I miss anything? Got something more important in mind? Let me know about it!

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