Welcome Survivalists

Dec - 24 2013 | By

I’d like to start off by thanking you for visiting and taking the time to browse around! If you’re at all interested in prepping, I believe you’ll find this blog interesting. I’ve been into this sort of thing for several years, and over that time, I’ve learned a lot from a lot of people. Some of the people I’ve learned valuable info from are people like military personnel, naturalists, as well as other survivalists. I’ve gone to classes, read books and endless amounts of website visiting all in an effort to get as much knowledge on the matter as possible. After all, if some wild event that changes life as we know it happens, you really can’t be too prepared. Add to that, if you have a family or friends you care about, you’ll want to learn as much as you can for their sake too, even if they think it’s a waste of time to prep…

the end is near

If you’re thinking it’s not crazy to prep. If it’s not senseless to you to prepare for future chaos, I think you’ll find this blog a good place to visit. I’ll share what I’ve learned, including posting videos of “how to” and much more. I’m hoping I can help some get a little more prepared or open someone’s eyes to why it’s important to prepare for survival. In return, I know I’ll learn more from you as well, as you’re welcome to post comments or even post an article. If it has to do with prepping and is useful, I don’t mind publishing it! Just contact me about it.